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Wild Basil

Wild Basil

Clinopodium vulgare

Satureja vulgare

Calamintha vulgare


This herbaceous perennial wildflower is a member of the mint family and is highly adaptable to a range of growing conditions. While it prefers full sun it can tolerate light shade. It forms a loose ground cover in dry forests and edges, meadows, prairies, and occasionally grows in wetter sites. It often grows on calcareous soils, which are common in southern Ontario. This wildflower is an excellent choice for gardeners looking to add natural beauty to their landscape. It typically grows to an average height of 30cm and enjoys a long blooming period from June to September. During this time, it produces dense whorls of tiny pink and purple irregular tube flowers, which are highly attractive to pollinators.

  • Characteristics


    Height: 20-40cm

    Blooms: June to Sept

    Bloom Colour: Pink/Purple

  • Growth Conditions

    Light: Full Sun to Part Shade

    Soil: Dry to Moist, Average/Sand/Gravel

    Habitat: Moist-dry Open Woodlands, Meadows, and Praires

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