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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Pickup and Delivery

  • Q: Are you open for in person shopping?

  • A: At this time ordering online for pick up or delivery are the only options.

  • Q: How do I select Delivery?

  • A: Currently you can select shipping in the drop-down menu in the shop cart at checkout. All shipping is 2-day express!

  • Q: When will pickup begin at your location for spring 2024?

  • A: Orders placed between January and the end of April 2024 will be available for pickup starting in June. Orders placed after May 1st will be available beginning in July, 2024.  

  • Q: Do you take back and recycle your pots, inserts, and web trays?

  • A: Yes we would gladly take back our production format of pots, inserts, and web trays. Please do not give us back round pots/another format that you did not get from us. We do not have space or a use for these at this time.


  • Q: Where do you ship your plants?

  • A: We ship plants throughout Ontario and Quebec 2 day express.

  • Q: Whats the minimum order for shipping?

  • A: Minimum order sizes for shipping:

    • Twelve (12) 3.5" pots 

    • Six (6) 5.5" pots 

  • Q: What time of the week will my order ship?

  • A: Shipments go out on Mondays and Tuesdays, arriving by Friday.

  • Q: When do plants for Spring 2024 start shipping

  • A: Plants will begin shipping Early June 2024.

  • Pre-order for Spring 2024 started in January 2024. Orders will ship in the order they were placed in.

  • Orders placed after April 20 2024 are for pick up or shipping in early to mid June 2024


  • Q: When will your site inventory be updated?

  • A: Middle of May 2024 will be the next the inventory update

Return Policy

  • Q: What's your return policy on plants?

  • A: Currently, we do not offer a return policy on our plants please let us know if there was damage in shipping.

Pollinators Plus Garden Combo of native plants to Ontario. Purple, red, and orange flowers

Pollinators Plus Garden Combo

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