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Conditions of Sale

Pickup and Delivery

  • No minimum order size for customer pickup. Pick up starts June 2024.

  • Delivery on orders over $500 within Guelph or Kitchener.

  • A 15% deposit will apply on orders not to be picked up within 30 days. Please contact for specific pickup/delivery arrangements and reference Order ID.   

  • We can consider delivering to other areas. A minimum order will apply. Please email to inquire.



  • We ship plants throughout Ontario and Quebec. 

  • Minimum order sizes for shipping:

    • Twelve (12) 3.5" pots 

    • Six (6) 5.5" pots 

  • Shipments go out on Mondays and Tuesdays, arriving by Friday.

  • Orders for Spring 2024 will start to ship early June 2024.


  • Availability of species and quantities is subject to change; we cannot guarantee large quantities; some species go dormant in the fall. Our availability list is updated regularly. 

  • Orders larger than six (6) trays (e.g. 108 x 3.5" pots) require 3 days notice


Order Cancellation

  • Canceled orders of over 2 flats will result in a 15% re-stocking charge.

  • Canceled orders of any quantity will result in a 13% of order charge to cover stripe reversal fees.

Pollinators Plus Garden Combo of native plants to Ontario. Purple, red, and orange flowers

Pollinators Plus Garden Combo

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