Maple-leaf Viburnum

Maple-leaf Viburnum

Viburnum acerifolium 


A shade tolerant shrub, valuable in woodland gardens. Pinkish to magenta leaves are very attractive in the fall and the fruit changes from green to red, then dark blue or purple-black in September and October. This species spreads by suckers to form clumps and will grow in dry or moist sandy, rocky or clayey soil. Inner bark was used in a tea for cramps and colic, and leaves were applied to inflamed tumours.

  • Characteristics

    Type: Shrub

    Height: 3-6 Feet

    Blooms: June

    Bloom Colour: White

  • Growth Conditions

    Light: Full Sun to Part Shade

    Soil: Moist to Dry, Average, Clay & Sandy/Gravel Soil

    Habitat: Open Woods, Thickets, Ravines & Hillsides

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