Tall Ironweed

Tall Ironweed

Vernonia gigantea


This towering plant, reaching heights of up to 8 feet, has leaves that are lance-shaped and finely toothed. The flower heads each have 13-30 purple flowers and appear in late summer & early fall. Tolerant of acidic & clay soils. An excellent plant to attract butterflies. The rootstock has been used as a bitter tonic to stimulate the appetite & to purify the blood.  This Ontario native, not commonly available, makes a bold, welcome addition to the landscape.

  • Characteristics

    Type: Perennial

    Height: 5-8 Feet

    Blooms: August to September

    Bloom Colour: Purple

  • Growth Conditions

    Light: Full Sun to Part Shade

    Soil: Wet to Moist, Loam/Organic, Clay & Average Soil

    Habitat: Moist Meadows, Wet Open Woods

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