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  • Bloodroot

    Sanguinaria canadensis

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    Snow white flowers appear from the unfolding leaves at the first sign of a permanent thaw. The long-lasting saucer-shaped scalloped leaves are also beautiful, and make a good groundcover. Named for its dark red, knobby rhizomes filled with a thin crimson poisonous sap, it has been used as rouge by Native Americans, and medicinally as an expectorant, disinfectant, sedative, diuretic, emetic, stimulant, tonic and to treat skin problems. An essential species in a woodland garden.

    • Characteristics

      Type: Perennial

      Height: 6-12 Inches

      Blooms: April

      Bloom Colour: White

    • Growth Conditions

      Light: Full to Part Shade

      Soil: Moist, Loam/Organic Soil

      Habitat: Deciduous Woods, Floodplains & Slopes

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