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Red-berried Elderberry
  • Red-berried Elderberry

    Sambucus racemosa ssp pubens 


    Blooming earlier and producing a crop of berries much sooner than S. canadensis, the •Red• Elder is one of the very best species of shrubs to plant in order to attract birds. Creamy white clusters of flowers blooming in spring, followed by brilliant red berries also make this shrub an attractive addition to the landscape. 

    The shrub is a favourite food source for over 23 species of birds as it produces the very first wild berry crop of the season. However, this species of Elderberry, unlike Canada Elderberry, is NOT edible for people. Red Elder also tolerates slightly higher & drier ground than Canada Elderberry.

    • Characteristics

      Type: Shrub

      Height: 10-12 Feet

      Blooms: May

      Bloom Colour: White

    • Growth Conditions

      Light: Full Sun to Part Shade

      Soil: Moist, Average, Loam/Organic & Clay Soil

      Habitat: Thickets, Riverbank & Rocky Sites

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