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Canada Elderberry

Canada Elderberry

Sambucus canadensis 


An erect shrub with large, opposite, compound leaves on long petioles. Heavily scented white flowers borne on showy flat-topped clusters at the ends of branches produce juicy, edible purple-black berries much loved by birds. Berries can be used in pies, jelly and wine. Used as a purgative, diuretic, stimulant and remedy for skin problems.

  • Characteristics

    Type: Shrub

    Height: 6-8 Feet

    Blooms: June

    Bloom Colour: White

  • Growth Conditions

    Light: Full Sun to Part Shade

    Soil: Wet to Moist, Average, Loam/Organic & Clay Soil

    Habitat: Moist, Open Woods, Thickets & Fields

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