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Silvery Cinquefoil
  • Silvery Cinquefoil

    Potentilla anserina 


    This prostrate species has compound basal leaves with sharply toothed leaflets, silvery beneath. Silvery Cinquefoil sends up yellow flowers and leaves on separate stalks and spreads by runners.  Aggressive groundcover. Has been used as a remedy for diarrhea, skin problems, mouth and throat sores and to relieve cramps. Valuable in restoration.

    • Characteristics

      Type: Perennial

      Height: 6-10 Inches

      Blooms: June to September

      Bloom Colour: Yellow

    • Growth Conditions

      Light: Full Sun

      Soil: Wet to Moist, Sandy/Gravel Soil

      Habitat: Moist to Wet Open Places & Shorelines

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