Podophyllum peltatum



Mayapple spreads rapidly once established to form a dense groundcover of flat, umbrella-like leaves. A solitary white flower appears under the leaves in spring, later forming a single, pale yellow berry. The foliage dies back mid to late summer. Mayapple is poisonous but its powerful compounds have been used as an insecticide, to heal warts, stimulate glandular secretions and to treat syphilis and cancer.

  • Characteristics

    Type: Perennial

    Height:12-18 Inches

    Blooms: May

    Bloom Colour: White

  • Growth Conditions

    Light: Full to Part Shade

    Soil: Moist,  Loam/Organic Soil

    Habitat: Rich, Moist Deciduous Woods & Pastures

Pot Sizes
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