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Narrowleaf Mountainmint
  • Narrowleaf Mountainmint

    Pycnanthemum tenuifolium



    Sandy meadows, fields, savannahs, and moist prairies. This species is rare in Ontario. Our plants are grown from garden-sourced seed. This bushy but compact mint with narrow, aromatic, leaves is 1-3 ft tall and has terminal flower clusters made up of numerous small flowers that vary from whitish to lavender with purple spots. This plant is a strong nectar source with a long bloom period, and is benifical to native bees.


    • Characterstics

      Type: Perennial

      Height: 1-3 Feet

      Blooms: June to September

      Bloom Colour: White-Purple-Lavender

    • Growth Conditions

      Light: Sun - Part Shade

      Soil:  Moist to Dry soils

      Habitat: Upland prairies; dry, rocky, open woods; low, wet areas as well as fast-draining Post Oak woods and pine barrens.

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