American Larch

Larix larcina 


Also known as Tamarack, it is widespread across Canada and tolerant of extreme cold. Male & female flowers appear on the same tree with cones opening in August. A deciduous conifer. Unusual because it drops its leaves in late fall after turning a bright amber colour.

The durable wood has been used for posts, poles and making snowshoes. Larch is an important pioneer species to regenerate forests after a burn. It is aesthetically appealing for use as an ornamental and a popular species to use in bonsai cultivation.  

  • Characteristics

    Type: Tree

    Height: 60-70 Feet

    Blooms: May

    Bloom Colour: Yellow|Red|Green\Brown

  • Growth Conditions

    Light: Full Sun

    Soil: Wet Organic Soil

    Habitat: Bogs, Swamps & Wet Woods

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