Roundleaf Dogwood
  • Roundleaf Dogwood

    Cornus rugosa 


    A broad-leaved, erect shrub for dry, gravelly places, particular calcareous soils. Clusters of small white flowers appear in June. In the fall pale blue to greenish white berries are produced on red stalks. The undersides of leaves are densely covered with wooly hairs and the foliage is colourful in the fall. Historically the bark has been used for medicinal purposes. Valuable for restoration plantings or as a landscaping specimen. Attracts birds. Very good nectar and pollen source. Cornus Rugosa is larval host to the Summer Azure (celastrina neglecta) butterfly and 118 species of Lepidoptera use genus as pollen and nectar source.

    • Characteristics

      Type: Shrub

      Height: 3-10 Feet

      Blooms: June

      Bloom Colour: White

    • Growth Conditions

      Light: Part Shade

      Soil: Moist to Dry, Sandy/Gravel & Average Soil

      Habitat: Open Woods, Thickets, & Ravine Slopes

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