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Fox Sedge

Fox Sedge

Carex vulpinoidea       


This lovely narrow-leaved, clump-forming Sedge produces brownish-yellow seed heads which spray out from the center, creating an interesting effect in the landscape. Small birds are attracted to the seeds. Valuable in pocket wetlands and restoration projects  including erosion control, bioswales and strom water retention/tretment. Useful in shoreline stablization is deer resistant. Larval host to Skipper Butterflies.

  • Characteristics

    Type: Perennial

    Height: 12-24 Inches

    Blooms: July

    Bloom Colour: Brown

  • Growth Conditions

    Light: Full Sun to Part Sun

    Soil: Wet, Loam/Organic & Clay Soil

    Habitat: Marshes & Other Low, Wet Places

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