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American Hog Peanut
  • American Hog Peanut

    Amphicarpaea bracteata



    A vining herb in the legume family that adds a touch of green to your garden. Found in moist habitats, this plant can grow in full sun with some shade but also tolerates shadier conditions. It thrives in sandy or loamy soils and has a tap root that grows up to 3 feet. Unlike traditional vining plants, American Hog Peanut lacks tendrils and instead coils around the stems of other plants for support. In late summer, between August and September, it produces delicate, white to purple, hanging pendant raceme flowers accompanied by legume-like pods.


    Use American Hog Peanut as a groundcover or to add nitrogen to a nitrogen-deficient garden. However, depending on your preferences, it may need regular maintenance to control overgrowing. Incorporate American Hog Peanut into your garden for a touch of green that brings a touch of nature and versatility to your space.

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