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Cup Plant

Cup Plant

Silphium perfoliatum 


Imposing mature plants provide an unmistakable vertical presence in the garden. Thick stems perforate the cup-like united leaves. The large yellow flowers are borne on 1-foot stems at the tops of the plants. Hummingbirds and butterflies are attracted to the nectar, while the seeds are favorites of goldfinches. Historically, this plant was a general medicinal agent. Tolerant of clay soil and drought.

  • Characteristics

    Type: Perennial

    Height: 6-8 Feet

    Blooms: August to September

    Bloom Colour: Yellow

  • Growth Conditions

    Light: Full Sun to Part Sun

    Soil: Moist, Average & Clay Soil

    Habitat: Meadows, Prairies & Woodland Edges

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