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Plants for places, wildlife, and people. 

What We Do

Origin Native Plants is your source for high-quality native plants. Our plants are grown using seed collected ethically from sites in southern Ontario and Manitoulin Island.  

Founded in 2019, Origin Native Plants is a small nursery nestled within the agricultural lands of the Ignatius Jesuit Centre, a thriving community committed to organic agriculture, ecological restoration, and environmental education.

Origin Native Plants was inspired by Grand Moraine Growers, a plant nursery in Alma, Ontario with 25 years of experience exceeding the needs of their clients. Under the guidance of owners Paul Sheppard and Jim Dougan, we will continue to offer the same high-quality plants.  

Who We Are

Zack Harris

Zack is a botanist, ecologist, and consulting arborist with 12 years of experience in ecological consulting around Canada. Zack's passion and knowledge as well as personal interest in growing native plants sparked his desire to start a nursery. He is dedicated to putting plants in the right place, whether it be a backyard pollinator garden or large-scale restoration project. Zack's vision is to apply his knowledge of Canadian native plants to bring to market lesser-known and under-appreciated species to every day people.

Alexzander Smith

Alexzander is a restoration ecologist with 15 years of experience in green building and a passion for ecological restoration and fostering resilient ecosystems. Alexzander is dedicated to growing native plants and the connections they have to insects and animals. Alexzander is driven by the loss of ecological diversity in the landscape and this has ignited his desire to start Origin Native Plants. Alexzander’s vision is to create a thriving local hub for ecological restoration.

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